Studio Archetype Website
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Studio Archetype Website

I maintain the Studio Archetype website.

For Studio Archetype

Studio Archetype Website

I’m in charge of maintaining the website for a creator company known as Studio Archetype.

Technologies Used

Problems I Solved

When I was hired the site was left in an unfinished state from a previous dev who flaked. I was immediately tasked with cleaning up his codebase.

Payment System

The previous dev was hired to implement Braintree payments and had left this unfinished and broken. I cleaned up his code and made payments through Braintree work. We had previously been using PayPal but wanted to cut fees.

Messy Styles

The previous developer(s) used Tailwind CSS to author styles on the site. This was my first time using Tailwind so I learned how it worked and started cleaning up. The codebase became much easier to manage after that.


When I started working on this project, I learned how to quickly pick up where a previous developer left off, and how to incrementally improve and modernize an older codebase.