About Me

Hi, I'm Lizzy! 👋

I am a 19 year old full stack engineer and business owner from Arizona 🌵. My hobbies include video games, writing systems code, making music, and Dungeons & Dragons. I identify as transgender (MtF) and I use She/Her pronouns. 🏳️‍⚧️

I push all of my public code to GitHub @LizAinslie, and most of my personal projects are public. I also occasionally enjoy streaming on my Twitch Channel.

How to contact me

I'm generally open to chat with anyone as long as you can hold a proper adult conversation (it's the internet, you'd be surprised). If you want to reach me for any reason, (i.e. just to chat, to discuss business, to play a game) you can use one of the following methods:

Want to donate?

Because of my slightly shaky financial state as of recently, I do accept donations. However I ask that before donating you make sure you take care of your own needs and the needs of your friends/loved ones. If anything I do or make helps you in any way, shoot me a message! I love hearing how my creations make people's lives better. You can donate using the sites below: