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HoloUI Builder

A web builder for a custom UI Minecraft server plugin.

For Studio Archetype

HUI Builder

HoloUI, by Studio Archetype is a Minecraft Spigot plugin that creates holographic user interfaces around players using armor stands. I was tasked with building a web editor server admins can use to modify user interfaces and export them as config files for the server.

Technologies Used

Problems I Solved

Throughout the creation of the HoloUI builder I had to solve many new problems I had never encountered. Below I’ll go into detail about a few of the issues I encountered and had to solve.


The coordinates the plugin uses to display elements range from -7,-5 to 7,5. I had to derive a formula to convert between this range and 0,0 to 1280,720 each time the user moved an item. This problem had a quick solution, and the code I wrote to solve it can be found in numConversion.ts.

Image Drawing

The plugin draws images using unicode text in armor stand names. To replicate the look of this technique, I had to write an algorithm to draw an exploded version of each image on the canvas. The code used to accomplish this can be found at Line 237 of EditorCanvas.vue.


One of the larger lessons I learned from this project is that when writing code that involves listening for mouse events on a canvas, I should always allow a debug view of collision boxes and where I am clicking. I added this functionality about halfway through the creation of the builder and I wish I had done it sooner, because my debugging would have gone far smoother.

A few smaller notes I took included:

  • Organizing imports. This project has a ton of components. I came up with a scheme and began optimizing my imports so I could find where I included a component from easier. I’ve since taken this approach with other projects and it’s a really helpful technique to use.
  • Using <template> for complex component logic. The usage of <template> in Vue makes complex conditionals in components way easier to read and understand, and given the complex, data oriented nature of this project I was doing this often.